• tickKeating Ranges are high efficiency as standard, offering huge gas savings (up to 30% lower) meaning more money in your pocket.
  • tickOur infra-red high efficiency burners offer insistent heat recovery, meaning no down time waiting for pan to recover.
  • tickOur advance digital temperature controllers come with the facility to preset three different cooking temperature and three different timer settings. They are preprogramed with a melt cycle on startup, which prevents damage and prolongs the life of the pans.
  • tickOur smart temperature controllers are also preprogramed to minimise over shoot in temperature, which will prolong the life of the oil and save our customers money.
  • tickOur chip boxes are dual heated from top and bottom using the latest technology to keep product as hot as possible for as long as possible.
  • tickOur food display boxes are fitted with ambient light and quartz tungsten heat lamps as standard to give our customers flexibility. Wecan also refrigerate food display boxes as an option.
  • tickWe also offer inbuilt oil filtration as an option. Oil is first filtered through a miroil filter to remove first level of impurities and then through a carbon pad to remove fine sediment from the oil, which prolongs the life of the oil and increases quality of product being cooked.
  • tickWe work with a wide range of materials to ensure our customers get the look they want for their shops.



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